10 Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Every Dress Code

A Party Pony

Nothing says "I'm ready to party" quite like a party pony. This style allows you to keep your hair up and out of your face (hello, dancing!).

Braid with Volume

It's no secret that ladies in the South love volume.

Slicked-back Pony

Get a red-carpet-worthy haircut for a full-on glam look. This pulled-back pony is done by a stylist, but you can easily get the same look on your own.

Romantic Updo

This updo is romantic enough for a bride or bridesmaid, but that doesn't mean you can't try it as a guest.

Messy Bun With a Bow

Simple, yet chic, a messy bun can work for a special occasion with the addition of a velvet bow.

A Dressy Headband

Much like a bow, a dressy headband can add that extra "something" to an already gorgeous hairstyle.

Simple Chignon

This wedding hairstyle is the ultimate "I'm running late" look, and we're not mad about it.

A Braided Focal Point

Use a tight braid at the base of your neck to tie the hair together, then let your waves shine in a pretty, loose pony.

Brushed-Out Curls

There are few styles more classic than Old Hollywood-esque waves.