10 Pests That Spell Trouble for Your Garden


These small, soft-bodied insects feed on plant sap and can cause leaves to curl, wilt, or yellow. They reproduce rapidly and can quickly infest plants.


Whiteflies are tiny, white insects that suck plant juices and excrete honeydew, leading to yellowing leaves, stunted growth, and the spread of fungal diseases like sooty mold.


Various caterpillar species, such as cabbage loopers and tomato hornworms, can devour foliage, flowers, and fruits, causing extensive damage to crops if left unchecked.

Slugs and Snails:

These mollusks feed on young plant shoots, leaves, and fruits, leaving behind irregular holes and slime trails.

Japanese Beetles

These metallic green and copper-colored beetles feed on the foliage, flowers, and fruits of many plants, causing skeletonized.

Spider Mites

They thrive in hot, dry conditions and can quickly reproduce, leading to widespread damage.


Thrips are small, slender insects that feed on plant sap, causing distorted growth, silvering of leaves, and scarring on fruits and flowers. They can also transmit plant viruses.


Cutworms are the larvae of certain moth species and feed on seedlings and young plants by cutting through stems at soil level.

Squash Bugs:

These shield-shaped insects feed on the sap of squash, pumpkin, and cucumber plants, causing wilting, yellowing, and death of leaves.


Rodents like mice, rats, and voles can gnaw on plant roots, stems, and fruits, causing damage and potentially killing plants.