7 Ways to Dress Trendy Over 60, Stylists Say

If you're over 60 and want to keep up with today's trendiest fashions, stylists say there are no age restrictions when it comes to dressing trendy.

1. Get back to basics

Keeping the essentials in your closet and adding trendy clothing items to your overall look are simple methods to gradually incorporate trendy pieces into your style.

2. Always accessorize

Start with fashionable accessories! This is a simple method to incorporate fashionable pieces into your wardrobe.

3. Try layering

Similarly to the approach with accessories, you can also add various elements. Add a contemporary jacket or sweater to your usual ensemble.

4. Reach for neutrals

If you are hesitant to try something new, begin with a neutral-colored item. These hues are easier to pull off and a wonderful way to build up to bolder hues!

5. Don't abandon all of your colors

Take Pantone's Color of the Year as your starting point, and if it's a bold hue, use it as an accent color in a scarf, handbag, shoe, or lipstick for a fashionable flourish.

6. Consider your lengths

Also consider the length of your skirts, trousers, and shorts when it comes to dressing fashionably after age 60.

7. Don't feel like you need to change everything

If you've always loved loose pants, there's no reason to switch to dresses once you turn 60.