8 Best Exercises To Melt Pesky Love Handles

Barbell Front Squats

The squat is the "king of exercises" for good reason: It targets almost every muscle in your body.

Standing Dumbbell Overhead Presses

This seems like a shoulder exercise, but it works virtually every muscle in your body.

Trap Bar Deadlifts

The deadlift is just as good as the squat. Some people have trouble with standard barbell deadlifts, which is a shame.


Unlike squats, you train each leg separately, so you can get rid of any imbalances and even improve your balance, agility, and core strength.

Inverted Rows

If you want to get more out of your weight training, work on strengthening your back muscles more than your front muscles. 

TRX Pushups

 Using a suspension trainer makes your shoulder-stabilizing muscles work harder and makes your core work much harder, which isn't a bad thing.


Put away those dinky bicep curl variations! If you want a huge fat-burning effect, chin-ups are the way to go.

Aerobic Exercise

The last exercise on our list of the best ones to get rid of love handles is aerobic exercise. This means "traditional" steady-state exercise, like jogging, biking, hiking, rowing, etc.