8 Common Mistakes You Do With Deodrants

Applying deodorant immediately after a shower or while underarms are still damp can reduce its effectiveness.

1. Applying on Wet Skin

 Excessive application can result in product accumulation, clumping, and skin irritation. 

2. Overapplying

Before applying deodorant, thoroughly cleanse the area to remove any perspiration, bacteria, or odor-causing residue.

3. Ignoring Cleanliness

When applying deodorant, timing is crucial. For optimal effectiveness, apply deodorant to dry underarms in the morning.

4. Incorrect Application Time

Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same. Antiperspirants reduce perspiration, whereas deodorants predominantly combat odor.

5. Using Antiperspirant as Deodorant

Consider the ingredients in your deodorant carefully if you have sensitive skin. Choose a deodorant formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

6. Not Considering Sensitivity

Before applying deodorant, give your skin some time to recover in order to avoid irritation or discoloration.

7. Applying Immediately After Shaving

Consider reapplications of deodorant throughout the day in order to maintain freshness and odor control.

8. Neglecting Reapplication