Bows Are 2024's Top Holiday Decorating Trend

Less than three weeks till Christmas, the most popular holiday trend has emerged, and we're here to wrap it up.

Imagine Christmas bows—revolutionary. These aren't retro Christmas bows. Bows have always been a joyous, nostalgic mainstay of holiday

decor, but velvet, taffeta, or synthetic satin red ribbons fashioned into huge bows can be gaudy. In 2023, fancy bows have become delicate

and beautiful Christmas ornaments. As more people share their holiday decorating flair, bows are replacing ornaments on Christmas trees.

Naomi de Mañana, a luxury bow enthusiast and botanical and interior decorator, attributes the recent rise in house bow popularity to various

factors. "Home decor trends often stem from fashion," de Mañana tells House Beautiful, stating that modern bows are more elevated and

fashion-oriented than traditional Christmas bows. Designers like Rodarte and Sandy Liang have already used ornate knots in their

collections, creating a vintage-inspired appearance that "can translate into holiday," according to de Mañana. Bows have a romanticism and

surrealism that people want to reproduce in their houses, especially for celebrations. "Holiday is ribbons and bows, so I don't think that'll ever go away," 

Although de Mañana has advocated for bows in the house for over 20 years, incorporating them into seasonal decor may create a unified and contemporary effect. 

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