What happens to your body when you give up cold drinks for a month?

If you’re in the habit of drinking a soft drink with every meal, stop right now. 

Let us tell you what occurs after a month without cold drinks.

Dr. Somnath Gupta of Yashoda Hospitals in Hyderabad said quitting cold drinks for a month can improve weight, hydration, and digestion

Dr. Dilip Gude, another Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, doctor, said a healthier gut will promote good microbiota and reduce harmful bacteria, calming your stomach.

There are numerous healthier cold drink alternatives.  you can consume that drinks. Its not only healthier but stimulate the human body.

 alternatives of Cold drinks

These herbal teas come in numerous flavors and can be enjoyed heated or at room temperature.


 Add fruits, herbs, or cucumber to water for a refreshing twist.


Sparkling water

For those who miss fizz, try unsweetened sparkling water.

Other good options are unsweetened juices, smoothies, buttermilk, milk, and coconut water without additions.

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