How to Make an Inviting Room from a Small Space

One of Tampa Bay-based interior designer Suzanne Christie's customers wanted to transform a small guest bedroom into a feminine, inviting area for her Florida coast holiday house. 

One of the challenges with small spaces is that you have to work with everything very carefully

To  make the room functional and beautiful, yet not too crowded," says Christie, who is part of Decorating Den Interiors, a network of U.S.-owned design firms.

 The result is magical when you do all that. "This ended up being one of my client's favorite rooms in the house," adds. Watch and read on to see her method.

Brighten the Space Christie began by making the walls pleasant and cheerful to open up the room. A garden wallpaper mural is the genius answer. 

Balance Comfort and Beauty She chose a beautiful wood-and-upholstery bed frame with delicate curves to match the flowery wallpaper

"I love that it's a shelter style that wraps around and kind of envelops the guest as they're sleeping in it," Christie adds.

Pause to Reflect Providing enough storage without overcrowding a tiny place is difficult

Christie cleverly fixed it with two mirrored nightstands. She explains, "They sort of disappear,

 Reflecting the space's design. "It's like they’re there, but they’re not there—and yet they add a bit of glam."

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