Moisture Boost: Hydrating Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

Before applying makeup, apply a hydrating moisturizer intended specifically for mature skin. This serves to hydrate and nourish the skin.

1. Prep with a Moisturizer

Before applying foundation, apply a hydrating primer to create a moisture barrier and ensure long-lasting hydration throughout the day. 

2. Use a Hydrating Primer

Opt for a foundation that provides hydration and luminosity. Consider lightweight, serum-like foundations.

3. Choose a Moisture-Rich Foundation

Use a hydrating concealer to target areas, such as dark circles or age spots, that require additional coverage.

4. Conceal with a Hydrating Concealer

Their creamy texture blends seamlessly and imparts a dewy finish, thereby enhancing the youthful appearance of the complexion.

5. Embrace Cream Blushes and Highlighters

This not only serves to secure the makeup but also adds an additional layer of hydration to prevent a dry or powdery appearance.

6. Set with a Hydrating Setting Spray

Choose moisturizing lipsticks or lip pigments enriched with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter or oils to hydrate the lips.

7. Hydrate Lips with Moisturizing Lipsticks

Keep a facial mist on hand and spritz it on your face throughout the day to refresh and add an immediate boost of hydration.

8. Refresh with Facial Mist Throughout the Day