Fries And Onion Rings Into One By Burger King!

Onion rings, a gift from the allium gods, are uncommon among national fast-food franchises, so you may feel compelled to order them with your burger at Burger King. 

But, on the other hand, fries are the burger’s natural pairing. What do you do?

Well, Burger King now has a solution to this deep-fried conundrum, and it's dubbed "Have-sies."

On October 4, Burger King announced its new side, a wordplay on the chain's "Have It Your Way" slogan, which combines the brand's Classic Fries and Onion Rings and will be available beginning October 12.

The side dish, formerly known as "Fries n' Rings," was tested in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida earlier this year, and is now a permanent, national menu item.

According to Burger King, the new menu item can be savored on its own in value, small, medium, and large sizes, or in conjunction with any combo meal. 

The new menu item joins two other recent menu additions: the chain's fan-favorite Ghost Pepper Whopper as the brand-new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, both which become available Oct. 12, too.

And while you consider all the savory delights you'll be able to enjoy in one container this Halloween, Burger King has a container for all your sweet treats.

Burger King announced on October 2 that it will unveil a Halloween bucket in select markets for a limited time, competing with McDonald's Boo Buckets.

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