The Best Spring 2024 Hair Trends From the Runway

It's not often that haircuts at Fashion Week require little heat and work, but that was the main theme of the Spring/Summer 2024 shows. We saw hints of next season's hairstyles at shows in New York, London, Milan, and soon, Paris.

You'll be in luck if you have a stash of hair bows, hats, or even holiday ribbons that you did not use. Accessories with a high profile were all the rage, from big and small bows to comb hats from the 1990s. 

Peter wanted it to not look so put-together, so the inspiration was greasy hair that hadn't been washed in a few days.

Comb Headbands

Hair was slicked back and secured low along the nape of the neck with a show-stopping beaded accessory.

Well Embellished

We wanted to make sure it looked like the model could do this hair on herself.

Knotted Up

Dainty hair bows are in full effect next season. Redway incorporated a pink ribbon into models' braided hair to reflect the softness of the collection and tulle, which lent itself to the balletcore theme.

Balletcore Braids

Depending on how it's styled and what products you use, wet hair can lean more grungy, with messy, curly pieces, or beachy with soft, controlled waves like at Wu's show.

The Wet Look