This Burger Chain Serves the Best Quality Beef Patties

The extras—drippy, gooey cheeses, sauces, and condiments—make a juicy burger taste luxurious. 

 Beef elevates burgers from fast food to gourmet fare. One fast-casual company showed its burgers are the best for the third year in a row.

BurgerFi, a leading healthier burger company, achieved the highest beef quality rating. The 120-unit chain received an A in the Chain

Reaction Report, which assesses America's top restaurant chains on their beef supply chain antibiotic policy, for the third year in a straight. 

BurgerFi serves antibiotic-free Angus beef without steroids, hormones, chemicals, or additions.

Several other prominent burger businesses' beef performed poorly. McDonald's and Wendy's patties got a C, but Burger King,

 Sonic, and Jack In the Box got an F, indicating that those businesses haven't even banned antibiotics in their cattle supply chains.

"It requires an investment to offer premium, never frozen Angus beef that is free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, 

but it's important to satisfy an increasing number of guests concerned about the quality, transparency

 integrity of their food," Julio Ramirez, CEO of BurgerFi. "It's another example of how we're working hard to deliver the best burger experience."

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